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'Putting Down Roots' Wins National Award

An heirloom garden grows next to the 1890 Danish Pedersen house at Old World Wisconsin (photo from "Putting Down Roots" by Gerald H. Emmerich Jr.)

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press is proud to announce that Putting Down Roots: Gardening Insights from Wisconsin's Early Settlers by Old World Wisconsin historical gardener Marcia Carmichael was one of only five books selected for the American Horticultural Society's annual Book Award. Each year the American Horticultural Society recognizes outstanding gardening books published in North America with its annual Book Award. Nominated books are judged by the horticultural society's Book Award Committee on qualities such as writing style, authority, accuracy and physical quality.

What the Judges Had to Say About 'Putting Down Roots'

Marcia Carmichael, author of "Putting Down Roots"
Marcia Carmichael

The judges' comments about "Putting Down Roots" included these: "an outstanding template for what other regionally oriented, historical gardening books should aspire to"; "[a] fascinating window into the courage, resourcefulness and adaptability of our immigrant past"; and "it is both fun to read and authoritative, with interesting illustrations, terrific recipes and informative notes."

A Window Into the Lives of Our Ancestors

In "Putting Down Roots," Marcia C. Carmichael offers a window into the lives of our ancestors as she details numerous heritage plant varieties, authentic ethnic recipes, cultivation techniques and tools, and folklore tidbits employed in the kitchens and gardens of early Yankee, German, Norwegian, Irish, Danish, Polish and Finnish immigrants of Wisconsin.

About the Author

Marcia C. Carmichael is the historical gardener at the 576-acre Old World Wisconsin, the largest of the Society's living history museums, where she exercises her passion for historical accuracy and enjoys the research as much as the design, creation and nurturing of the museum's heritage gardens. She supervises and works alongside a dedicated group of historical garden volunteers to create period-appropriate gardens and enjoys all aspects of heirloom plants, from propagation to harvest and from folklore to fact.

:: Posted March 22, 2012

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