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Inspire Our Next Generation of Leaders

National History Day's 2011 Team Wisconsin, of which Julia Veitinger (pictured below) was a part

Right now, students throughout Wisconsin are developing their talents, skills and intellect as they imagine the bright future that lies ahead of them. The kids of Wisconsin dream big because their parents, teachers and mentors have always embraced their responsibility to educate and inspire the next generation.

This year more than 9,000 students from our state are participating in the Wisconsin Historical Society's National History Day. The program is helping today's students improve academically and develop the skills they need to become our next generation of leaders. In fact, studies show that students who participate in the National History Day program perform better on high-stakes tests, become better writers, more capable researchers, and show a greater ability to collaborate with peers, manage their time and persevere.

A Case in Point

A perfect example of the success of this program is Julia Veitinger (pictured at right), a ninth-grader from Mequon who finished second at the 2011 national competition. We invite you to learn more about her experience and the National History Day in Wisconsin program by watching this short video.

We Rely on Your Support

The Wisconsin Historical Society is proud to be at the forefront of history education, but it would be impossible to provide vital programs like National History Day without the support of our sponsors and people like you. That is why we encourage you to contribute today. Your donation will be nothing short of an inspiration for Wisconsin's young people who will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.

If you prefer to mail your donation, send your contribution to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation, PO Box 260050, Madison, WI, 53726. The Wisconsin Historical Foundation is the official fundraising and membership partner of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

:: Posted May 3, 2012

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