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Wisconsin Magazine of History, Summer 2012

A tabletop display of Susan Frackleton's pottery

The elaborate artistry of Wisconsinite Susan Frackleton takes center stage in the Summer 2012 issue of the "Wisconsin Magazine of History." Frackleton, an artist, businesswoman, inventor and teacher, joined other prominent Wisconsin artists at the turn of the 20th century in their endeavor to spread the aims and virtues of the Arts and Crafts Movement across the state and the nation and to demonstrate America's cultural richness to the world. As a china painter and ceramist, Frackelton pushed the boundaries of these art forms by developing new paints, techniques and inventing a new type of kiln, and she taught others what she had learned through classes and her instructional manual on china painting, "Tried By Fire."

One of the Most Admired Artists in the Nation

The cover of the Summer 2012 issue of the "Wisconsin Magazine of History"

Frackelton's tireless promotion of the arts in America, along with her vibrant creations and inventive skill, made her one of the most admired artists in the nation by the early 20th century. Her curiosity and fearless experimentation enabled her to transmit her love of the ceramic arts and the arts in general to countless Americans looking for a skilled and compassionate teacher. Her pottery and decorated china are treasured today wherever they are found.

Other Stories in the Summer 2012 Issue

This issue also includes articles on University of Wisconsin public opinion polling, Mary Todd Lincoln, and storied mementos from the Civil War. Also included is an excerpt from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press title, 'The Bark River Chronicles: Stories from a Wisconsin Watershed.'

Award of Merit Winner

The Wisconsin Magazine of History is the proud recipient of a prestigious 2010 Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History's Leadership in History Awards. The awards are presented for excellence in history programs, projects and people when compared with similar activities nationwide.

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:: Posted June 21, 2012

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