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Bonnets, Britches, Tractors and Hitches

Two Laura Ingalls Wilder lookalikes learn how to do laundry by hand just as Laura would have done as a child

There will be a little something in store for every member of the family to enjoy when Old World Wisconsin rolls out its perennially popular popular event, Laura Ingalls Wilder Days: Bonnets, Britches, Tractors and Hitches, on Saturday and Sunday, August 4–5. In addition to activities straight from the pages of the "Little House" books, you can experience draft horse power, see a steam threshing machine and the work done by turn-of-the-20th-century gasoline engines such as grain grinding or corn shelling. Watch our special guests, the SeatWeavers' Guild, as they share the nearly lost art and craft of chair caning and chair seat weaving. Join the look-alike pageant, dressed up as Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Almanzo or naughty Willie and Nellie. You're also welcome to help with the chores and games Laura and her family experienced.

A Truly Family Friendly Event

Families can enjoy their time together doing laundry by hand like the girls in the picture above are doing, jumping in haystacks, working as apprentices in the wagon shop or hand cranking homemade ice cream. They can also see the many ways that farmers threshed grain. Other visitor activities include: seeing oxen at work, witnessing the power of hit-and-miss engines, flailing grain, and trying a fanning mill and winnowing basket to remove the chaff from the wheat. On Saturday you may want to stick around after the event to take part in an After-Hours Barn Dance, and on Sunday, in the museum store from 1–4 pm, Wisconsin Historical Society Press author Bobbie Malone, co-author of 'The Flavor of Wisconsin for Kids,' will sign copies of the youth cookbook.

If You Go

For complete details on admission, hours, accessibility, location and directions, see our visitor information pages.

:: Posted July 30, 2012

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