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The Silent Films of Harry and Roy Aitken

Actors in a silent film still from the movie, "Boss of the Lazy 'Y,'" 1918 (WHI 92160)
WHI 92160

The Harry and Roy Aitken gallery showcases photographic stills from silent films produced by the Aitken brothers between 1913 and the early 1920s. The Wisconsin-born brothers were pioneers of the American movie industry. While there are few remaining intact films from the Aitken portfolio, the Wisconsin Historical Society gallery contains a variety of information from about 150 Aitken films. Besides film and publicity stills, there is a selection of scripts, scenarios (stories), synopses, production notes, continuity scripts, title cards, budget information sheets, script location lists, state film board licenses, copyright documents and similar papers relating to movie production. Now 61 film stills and promotional posters are available online and constitute another in a series of photographic galleries within the Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Historical Images collection.

:: Posted August 27, 2012

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