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David Giffey's Struggle for Farmworker Justice

A double row of workers cultivating a cucumber field with hoes, 1967
WHI 87205

The Struggle for Farmworker Justice gallery consists of photographs taken between 1966 and 1971 by Wisconsin-born photojournalist David Giffey. Giffey captured details of migrant worker life in Wisconsin and Texas, revealing intimate details of people's living and working conditions. His images also document the solidarity between Wisconsin residents sympathetic to the United Farm Workers' grape boycott started by Cesar Chavez and Wisconsin labor union organizers such as Jesús Salas and Salvador Sanchez. Giffey took the photographs with a second-hand 1950s Nikon S2 rangefinder camera. He used the "push-processing" method to accommodate any underexposed Kodak Tri X Pan film negatives. When photographing indoors, he did not use flash attachments. Now 96 photographs taken by Giffey during that turbulent time comprise another in a series of photographic galleries within the Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Historical Images collection.

:: Posted September 17, 2012

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