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'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia'

A partial page from Chapter 6 of "Wisconsin: Nuestro Estada, Nuestra Historia"

This winter, Wisconsin school districts will welcome the publication of a Spanish edition of the Wisconsin Historical Society Press' award-winning fourth-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story.' The Press partnered with the Milwaukee Public Schools to translate the definitive state textbook into 'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia.' Dubbed the "first truly comprehensive textbook devoted to Wisconsin history for elementary students" by Tina Flood, executive director of curriculum and instruction for Milwaukee Public Schools, the state history textbook is designed to promote strong literacy and content skills — now in Spanish as well as English.

"The translation of 'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia' provides equal access to Hispanic students as an integral part of our curriculum, through a well-explained and beautifully written account of our history as a state and its impact in the nation's history," said Christina Green, language specialist for the Milwaukee Public Schools. "This new book will also be enjoyable for parents and siblings alike."

An Inquiry-Based Approach to the Study of History

The cover of "Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia"
"Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" teaches Wisconsin history through an inquiry-based approach with lively stories from famous and everyday Wisconsinites who shaped our past as well as timelines and pronunciation glossaries. This Wisconsin history standard also incorporates a wealth of Society resources including illustrations, photographs and maps. The historical information has recently expanded to include interactive lesson materials such as online activities and assessments that encourage student participation with "Thinking Like a Historian" questions, literacy, vocabulary, strategies and other visual materials. Teacher guides and complementary student activity guides are also available. A partial page from Chapter 6 is shown at the top of this page.

Textbook Adopted by School Districts Statewide

Since its first publication in 2008, the state history textbook has been adopted by school districts statewide, including the major districts of Milwaukee, Madison, Janesville, Green Bay, Sheboygan, Wisconsin Rapids and others. Learn more about the newest version of "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" and its interactive enhancements at

:: Posted October 23, 2012

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