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Get a Glimpse Behind the Scenes at the Society

Reference archivist Harry Miller in the Society's archives stacks

Have you ever seen the original script for "Casablanca"? Or read the riveting account of a civil rights worker's incarceration, written on strips of toilet paper while she sat in a Louisiana jail cell? We think you'll agree we have something very special here in Wisconsin. Thanks to the generous support from people like you, we have assembled one of the finest North American history collections in the nation and chronicled our unique past in films, photos, letters and more. Our archival collections tell stories of struggle, of achievement, of family histories, and our museums show us what makes Wisconsin so special, capturing our history in a way that nothing else can.

Today we would like to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on deep in our library and archives, and across the Wisconsin Historical Society. Below, meet some of the real people working tirelessly to collect, preserve and share Wisconsin's exceptional history, and learn how you can support their efforts today.

Meet Jane DeBroux, Editor of the 'Wisconsin Magazine of History'

Jane DeBroux, editor of the "Wisconsin Magazine of History"
Jane DeBroux
"Since it was first published in 1917, the 'Wisconsin Magazine of History' has celebrated all that makes Wisconsin special. As editor, I help bring together a quarterly magazine that documents the rich social, economic and political history of Wisconsin, and features images and photographs from the Society's collections. Whatever your interests, you will find something to spark your curiosity — carefully researched and beautifully presented."

Support the Work Behind the Scenes

These people invest countless hours of labor, and it's because the history they work so carefully to collect, preserve and share is the key to understanding our past so that we can positively impact our future. And, while the state of Wisconsin provides as much funding as it can to support this work, the Society now relies increasingly on people like you not only to safeguard Wisconsin's history, but also to address the wealth of new material we collect every day.

That is why we encourage you to honor the people behind the scenes by donating today. Your tax-deductible gift is an invaluable investment that will be put to work right away to address the overwhelming tasks our staff members face daily.

You may not get to see these hours upon hours of preservation work, archaeological research, collecting, cataloging, digitization, event planning and programming that your gifts support. But believe us when we say that your support is what makes it all happen. And that makes your donation today an incredibly hardworking investment that connects people to their past.

:: Posted October 18, 2012

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