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Cornish Language Courses Offered at Pendarvis

Tamblyn's Row, a historic Cornish-built rowhouse, is now part of the Pendarvis historic site in Mineral Point

Pendarvis historic site in Mineral Point, a quaint remnant of immigrant Cornish culture in Wisconsin, will host a free lecture and a series of courses on Kernewek Kemmyn, or Common Cornish, a variety of the revived Cornish language. Benjamin Bruch, a world-renowned authority on Celtic studies, will give a special presentation on the Cornish language and St. Piran's Day (Cornwall's national holiday) on Tuesday, March 5. Like many places in Britain, Cornwall has its own dialect of English, and many people there still use dialect words or speak with a Cornish accent. But the Cornish language is something else entirely: like Irish, Gaelic and Welsh, Cornish is a Celtic language, as different from English as French, German or Russian.

A Series of Four Courses

Bruch will follow the initial lecture with the first of four courses in the language. While it is hoped that participants will be able to attend all four sessions, the course is structured so that each session will include a review of all previous material as well as adding new material. As a result, even students who can only attend a single session will be able to acquire a basic knowledge of contemporary spoken Cornish. All participants will also receive a course pack containing handouts, lessons and other Cornish language resources.

:: Posted February 21, 2013

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