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Wisconsin Magazine of History, Spring 2013

Side-by-side images of Cora Anderson and the male character she masqueraded as for years, Ralphero E. Kerwineo

An intriguing series of stories ranging from a woman who lived much of her life as a man and the first public kindergarten in the United States to the origins of the Wisconsin Historical Society's world-class genealogical collections graces the spring 2013 issue of the "Wisconsin Magazine of History." Author Matthew J. Prigge tells the curious tale of 'The Girl-Man of Milwaukee: The Lives of Cora Anderson,' which recounts the triumph and tragedy of the Milwaukee woman of color who defied all cultural norms in order to be free of the constraints placed on all women — and mixed-race women in particular — in the early 1900s. At a time when women had very few opportunities, Cora Anderson, a woman of African-American and Native American descent, carved out a place for herself by adopting the identity of Ralphero E. Kerwineo (a married man and model employee) that let her live the life she wanted — for more than 10 years (pictured in both identities above).

Other Stories in the Spring 2013 Issue

Here are samplings of some of the other stories awaiting readers of the spring 2013 issue of the magazine:

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The "Wisconsin Magazine of History" is the proud recipient of a prestigious 2010 Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History's Leadership in History Awards. The awards are presented for excellence in history programs, projects and people when compared with similar activities nationwide.

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:: Posted March 18, 2013

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