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International Harvester Glass Negative Series

A crew of telephone line repairmen working on a rural line with their International Harvester truck parked below them
WHI 9105

The central image files of the International Harvester Company have begun to come online. More than 500 photographs are now available from its so-called Glass Negative Series, the corporation's primary photograph collection. It is a treasure trove of imagery for anyone interested in farmers, farm animals, factory workers, tractors, advertising, small-town life, and dozens of other topics.

The Largest Farm Equipment Manufacturer in the World

A century ago, the International Harvester Company was the largest farm equipment manufacturer in the world. It had 10,000 dealerships around the U.S. selling everything from tractors to baling twine. Staff in several corporate departments created photographs for many purpose, and these images flowed into a central file that eventually numbered 12,000 glass-plate negatives. Society staff have recently digitized more than 500 of them and will expand the online collection for months to come. The International Harvester glass negatives are the topic of this month's image gallery at Wisconsin Historical Images.

:: Posted March 25, 2013

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