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In Honoring the Past, We Celebrate the Present

National History Day 2013 national finalist Kiara Heumer and her mother Erin at the National History Day finals in College Park, Maryland

As 16-year-old Kiara Heumer puts it, "[The past] is a living, breathing story about the world around me." When speaking about her National History Day journey from the classroom through local and regional competitions, all the way to nationals, Kiara, pictured here with her mother Erin, shared, "When I started my research, I not only learned about Wisconsin 100 years ago, but also about how it affects Wisconsin today — the world I live in."

Honoring Our Wisconsin Roots

We at the Wisconsin Historical Society would like to thank everyone who generously supports the work we do to collect, preserve and share Wisconsin's amazing history for generations to come. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have been able to honor our Wisconsin roots and share our rich history with a new generation, and will continue to do so.

With your help, we maintain in our collections more than 400,000 archaeological artifacts, 100,000 historical objects, and 90,000-plus Civil War service records. And even if you can't make it to one of our many historic sites and museums opening this spring, you can still see Wisconsin's unique history here on our website, where we have amassed more than 80,000 historical images and much more that can be viewed anywhere at any time.

It's Not Just About Growing Collections, But Connecting People

The cover of "Voices of the Wisconsin Past: Voices from Vietnam"
In 1996, with help from Don Thies and other Wisconsin Vietnam veterans, the Society published 'Voices of the Wisconsin Past: Voices from Vietnam,' pictured here, a book that shares a different perspective on the war through letters sent home by soldiers during the conflict. He and many other local veterans generously donated their personal letters for the book. As Don said in a recent interview, "People need to realize what a national treasure the Wisconsin Historical Society is for families to connect to their loved ones from the past."

Don's words of support are a reminder that indeed, we have something very special here in Wisconsin.

Your Support is the Driving Force Behind Everything We Do

Because of the support from people like you, our history touches many generations. It can be found at any of our historic sites and museums: anthropology, business and technology, costumes, textiles, personal items from domestic life, political and military memorabilia, and more online, connecting us to our rich Wisconsin history. Our library and archives tell stories of struggle, of achievement, of family histories, and of an incredible place we call Wisconsin.

This spring, please consider making a generous special gift of $100, $50 or $25 to help the Wisconsin Historical Society continue to span generations by maintaining and growing our amazing Wisconsin story.

:: Posted April 11, 2013

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