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Circus World Kicks Off its Performance Season

Illustionist Tristan Crist entertains audiences twice daily throughout Circus World's performance season

The heyday of the circus in America is alive and well at Circus World in Baraboo, which began another rollicking performance season last weekend. Circus entertainment has thrilled American audiences for generations and, thanks to multi-talented performers on hand for the summer performance season, that longstanding tradition will continue at Circus World through September 2 this year. Acrobatic unicyclists, trampolinists, magic shows, animal acts and clowns offer a full day of family fun, history and entertainment, with 10 live shows throughout the day. Check our daily performance schedule for show times.

Big Top Shows and Much More

In addition to the Big Top shows and other razzle-dazzle entertainment we typically associate with the circus, Circus World showcases a treasure trove of American and Wisconsin circus history. Here you can explore the world's largest collection of ornate and intricately carved circus wagons as well as fascinating exhibits documenting circus history. Circus World is also home to several surviving buildings of the original winter quarters of the Ringling Bros. Circus, once known as Ringlingville, now a National Historic Landmark.

If You Go

For complete details on hours of operation, admission, location and directions, accessibility and other specifics, visit the Circus World visitor information pages.

:: Posted May 23, 2013

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