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Family Fun at Old World Wisconsin in July

Farmers at Old World Wisconsin load hay onto a horse-drawn wagon just as 19th-century Wisconsin farmers did (photo by Mike Morbeck).

Old World Wisconsin will fill July with family friendly activities every day of the month. According to Dan Freas, Old World Wisconsin's director, "We've pulled out the stops for July. We've expanded our popular Laura Ingalls Wilder programming from one weekend to the entire month to make sure that everyone who would like to attend has an opportunity to do so. Our Old World Fourth of July is a beloved annual destination for many, taking them back to the kinds of small-town games and parade that Wisconsinites enjoyed more than a hundred years ago. And we're adding new players to our Eagle Diamonds vintage base ball (it was originally spelled as two words) team for our first home game on July 13."

The World of Little House

This event gives guests the opportunity to try the chores and activities of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family and friends, all month long. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Weekends include additional opportunities, like the beloved look-a-like pageant, and hands-on activities like whitewashing a fence, hand-cranking ice cream, jumping in the hay or even joining in a barn dance. There will even be threshing, which is removing the grain from straw, just like Pa did. Activities change throughout the month, so you can view a detailed schedule of events (PDF 343 KB) to help you decide the right time to visit.

An Old World Fourth of July

This event will provide a day of games and old-fashioned summertime activities throughout the site. These include a Community Band concert, the only day this special band comes together to play songs of the time, on instruments of the period, beginning at 11:30 am, a Grand Parade through the late-1800s Crossroads Village, beginning at 1:30 pm, a greased-pole climb, tug-o-war with the site's oxen team, egg toss and more. Visit our calendar of events for a more complete schedule of the day's activities.

Vintage Base Ball, 1860s Style

The game we call America's pastime has evolved a great deal from its 19th-century origins. On Saturday, July 13, you can see just how differently the game was played in the 1860s when the Old World Wisconsin home team, the Eagle Diamonds, takes on the Milwaukee Cream Citys at 1:30 pm. The teams play by the 1860s rules on the Ward School Field. Museum admission includes access to the game. And base ball carload pricing means that a car full of people (up to nine) can receive admission for only $43. Our calendar of events has more details.

If You Go

For complete details on hours of operation, admission, location and directions, accessibility and other specifics, visit the Old World Wisconsin visitor information pages.

:: Posted July 1, 2013

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