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Northwoods Photographer Allan Born

A man standing on a rolling log in the water near the northern Wisconsin town of Washburn, circa 1932
WHI 86797

A rarely seen archive of northern Wisconsin images has just come online in a new Wisconsin Historical Images gallery. Ashland jewelry and photography store owner Allan Born (1892-1959) took more than 1,700 photos between 1920 and 1959. When he wasn't minding the family store, Born was likely to be in the field with his own camera equipment.

His favorite subjects were the main streets and buildings of Northwoods towns like Hayward or Mercer, and he ventured into the air to capture some of them from above. But he was keenly aware of the growing tourist economy, so he photographed dozens of resorts and vacation destinations during the 1930s and 1940s. He also photographed members of local Ojibwe bands in ceremonial dress and poses adopted for tourists. More than 600 of Born's images dating between 1920 and 1943 are available at Wisconsin Historical Images.

:: Posted September 30, 2013

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