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Recalling Horse-Drawn Days at Stonefield

A man uses a McCormick grain binder pulled by two horses to work in a field, circa 1900
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Nestled in the beautiful southwestern corner of Wisconsin alongside the Mississippi River, Stonefield historic site is the ideal place to step back to a time — before steam engines or tractors arrived on the farm — to rediscover an era when horses did all work. Farmers used horses to plow the fields in the spring, harvest the crops in the fall, haul goods to town and transport people. On Saturday, September 21, Stonefield will celebrate Horse-Drawn Days in a daylong event that will let 21st-century visitors relive this way of life through activities reminiscent of a bygone era.

A Host of Horse-Related Activities

A host of horse-related activities will feature the sights and sounds of 19th-century farm and village life. Horse-drawn wagon rides, plowing, sorghum-making and sheep-shearing demonstrations; and blacksmithing, beekeeping and log-cutting demonstrations will also take place at various times throughout the day. In addition to all of the horse-related activities, there will be other activities around the site including tours of the Nelson Dewey house, ice cream served in the confectionery, and beer and root beer being served in the village saloon.

If You Go

For complete details on admission, location and contact information, visit the Stonefield visitor information pages.

:: Posted September 12, 2013

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