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Michael Perry Pens Wisconsin Life

The cover of "From the Top: Brief Transmissions from Tent Show Radio"

"Bottom line is, I'm the kind of guy who's happy to attend the opera, but I should like to be allowed to wear steel-toed boots with my evening suit," explains Michael Perry in his new book by Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 'From the Top: Brief Transmissions from Tent Show Radio.' The New York Times bestselling author and Wisconsin native says he signed with the Society Press because this collection of essays, Tent Show Radio monologues, and Wisconsin State Journal columns are a "perfect fit" for the Society Press, whose mission is to share stories of Wisconsin history and culture.

'Scandihoovian Spanglish' and Snickering Chickens

The cover of "From the Top: Brief Transmissions from Tent Show Radio"
From "Scandihoovian Spanglish" and snickering chickens to fatherhood and Christmas trees, Perry's yarns and observations navigate a range of topics that capture the heart and the humor of Wisconsin life. Drawn from his weekly appearances on the nationally syndicated Big Top Chautauqua radio program and newspaper columns, the book's format allows Perry to, as he says, "… ramble on about whatever comes to mind: oddly shod loggers, my last cup of coffee, love and lost fingers, useful cheaters, gratitude, and guys who get gozzled. Also, timeless infinity. And Victoria's Secret. In the same essay."

This book was printed in Wisconsin, on Wisconsin paper, by Worzalla in Stevens Point. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Historical Society Press website. An e-book version of "From the Top" is also available.

About the Author

Michael Perry is the author of numerous books including "Population: 485" and The New York Times Bestseller, "Visiting Tom." His live humor recordings include "Never Stand Behind a Sneezing Cow" and "The Clodhopper Monologues." He performs backstage monologues for the Big Top Chautauqua Tent Show Radio program and writes a weekly column for the Wisconsin State Journal. Perry lives in rural northern Wisconsin with his wife and daughters and is privileged to serve as a first responder with the local fire department. He can be found online at

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:: Posted November 25, 2013

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