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Last Chance to Make a Tax-Deductible Gift

Mother and children enjoy baking, decorating, and eating Christmas cookies, Bayside, Wisconsin, December 20, 1958.
WHI 10850

Family get-togethers ... making snowmen ... sledding on the big hill ... homemade treats to eat ... twinkling lights that magically light up the night. You can help make certain that our collective memories and traditions will live on long after this year's holiday season ends. When you donate to the Wisconsin Historical Society, your gift helps ensure that we can continue to protect and pass on our rich heritage to future generations.

What Your Gift Can Do

With your tax-deductible gift today, you will help:

  • Make available one of the top five genealogical centers in the nation
  • Deliver innovative approaches in history education for teachers, students and history lovers
  • Offer engaging ways to experience Wisconsin history firsthand to more than 250,000 visitors each year at 12 historic sites and museums
  • Support public and private efforts to protect Wisconsin's distinctive historic places
  • Acquire, conserve and share the largest collection dedicated exclusively to North American history outside of the Library of Congress
  • Provide outreach services, workshops and networking opportunities to more than 380 affiliated county, local and specialized historical societies throughout Wisconsin
  • Make many of these collections and services available both online and in person

With your support by December 31, we can continue making these resources available to you, while making sure that we hand down Wisconsin's unique heritage to your children and grandchildren. Thank you.

Three Easy Ways to Give

  • Donate online using our secure website.
  • Donate by phone: 888-748-7479 or 608-261-9364.
  • Mail your donation: Wisconsin Historical Foundation, PO Box 260050, Madison, WI 53726-0050.

:: Posted December 23, 2013

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