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Society Announces Spring Book Titles

The Renard family cheesemakers in Algoma, Wisconsin, grace the cover of theSpring 2014  Wisconsin Historical Society Press Catalog. The family pictured in this photo is one of 50 family owned and run small businesses featured in Carl Corey's new book, "For Love and Money."

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press kicks off the new year with the release of its Spring 2014 Catalog of new books. During the next several months, the Society Press will add seven titles to the long list of history books it has released since publishing its first bound volume in 1855. In March the Society Press welcomes a new biography to its Badger Biographies series for young readers, 'Electa Quinney: Stockbridge Indian' by Karyn Saemann, which details the life of Wisconsin's first public school teacher.

Three New Titles Coming in April

In April the Society Press will release three new titles.

The Story of Wisconsin's First Scientist

The cover of "Studying Wisconsin"
In May the Society Press publishes the first in-depth biography of a man often referred to as Wisconsin's first scientist, Increase Lapham: 'Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham,' early chronicler of plants, rocks, rivers, mounds and all things Wisconsin by Martha Bergland and Paul G. Hayes. The biography tells the incredible story of a canal surveyor turned botanist, geologist, archaeologist, engineer, cartographer, meteorologist and so much more. Among Lapham's long list of accomplishments, he was the first to survey and map Wisconsin effigy mounds, was a force behind the creation of the National Weather Service, and helped found the Wisconsin Historical Society, Milwaukee Public Library and more.

A Freedom Summer Reader

In early June the Society Press will release 'Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Reader,' edited by Michael Edmonds, deputy director of the Society's library and archives. The book shares poignant primary-source documents from the Society's online Freedom Summer archive of documents from the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project, when the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Congress of Racial Equality workers and volunteers arrived in the Deep South to register voters and teach nonviolence.

More Books Coming Next Summer

Later in the summer the Society Press welcomes 'Cris Plata: From Fields to Stage/Del Campo al Escenario' by Maia A. Surdam, a dual language edition, in English and Spanish, to the Badger Biographies series. The biography shares the Platas' family story of farming, music and family amid the constant change and uncertainty of migrant life.

The spring collection also features the two recently published books, 'From the Top: Brief Transmissions from Tent Show Radio' by bestselling author Michael Perry, and the new audio version of the popular book, 'Return to Wake Robin: One Cabin in the Heyday of Northwoods Resorts' by Marnie Mamminga and read by Susan Sweeney of Wisconsin Public Radio's Chapter A Day program. The catalog also lists many other top sellers from the Society Press' extensive backlist.

:: Posted January 17, 2014

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