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Financial assistance for historic preservation projects and programs.

External funding is essential for many successful preservation related projects. This database can help identify private and public sources of funding assistance for projects related to the documentation and preservation of Wisconsin's historic places. Assistance types include grants, low-cost loans and tax credit programs. There are funding programs administered by federal, state and local agencies, as well as by private organizations. Eligibility, application requirements and level of competition vary according to the goals of each grantmaker.

construction on the Dousman Hotel


This database includes listings for grant-making organizations that are not affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Society has no influence over these programs, nor does the Society have literature or application materials for outside programs. Historic Preservation staff at the Historical Society cannot answer questions about outside funding programs. Please contact grant-making organizations directly for application materials and detailed information on their assistance programs. Contact information is available under each listing.

These listings may contain inaccuracies. The Wisconsin Historical Society attempts to keep this information current; however, due to shifting deadlines and changing requirements some listings may contain outdated information. Please contact the grant-making organization for complete and current information on their program.

Information on these programs was gathered from multiple sources, including trusted websites and grant application materials. You may also wish to browse a list of funding links for historic building projects.


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