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Certified Local Government (CLG) Subgrant Criteria for FY 2015

Evaluation: all applications will be rated by Historic Preservation staff.

Points will be awarded on a relative scale: zero for poor, mid-point for average, and maximum points for outstanding.

After the subgrant applications are rated, they will be grouped as follows:

HIGH: Should be funded if at all possible. 
MEDIUM: Appropriate to fund if money is available. 
LOW: Not recommended for funding as submitted.

1. Minimum Requirements

The applicant must meet these in order to receive further consideration:

  • A complete application postmarked or received by the application deadline.
  • Fiscal Year 2013 grant work products received by September 30, 2014.
  • No incomplete Historic Preservation Fund subgrant projects in the past five years, and applicant submitted a letter of intent by September 12, 2014.
  • For intensive survey projects, did the applicant have the survey boundaries approved by staff by summer of 2014?
  • For National Register Historic District projects, did the applicant have a kickoff meeting by the summer of 2014 to introduce the project to the neighborhood?
  • Has the CLG submitted an annual report for the previous year?

2. Logical sequence of projects — 0-25 points. A community that has previously completed any of the tasks below will receive two bonus points per completed task, not to exceed 25 points maximum.

  • Is this the initial intensive survey of the community or the continuation of a multi-phase survey? (Up to 25 pts)
  • Will the project produce digital images of all previously surveyed properties in the community? (Up to 25 pts)
  • Will project nominate properties to the State Register and National Register or nominate properties as local landmarks? (Up to 25 pts)
  • Will project produce a community Web story linked to National Register Summaries for each listed property in their community? (Up to 15 pts)
  • Will project provide funding for historic preservation training or educational opportunities for landmark commission members and/or staff? (Up to 15 pts)
  • Will project produce design guidelines? (Up to 10 pts)
  • Will project develop a preservation plan? (Up to 5 pts)

3. Effectiveness of the project in meeting broad local historic preservation goals and objectives — 0-25 points

  • How does this project relate to the long-range goals of your commission?
  • Does project address a specific historic preservation problem in your community?

4. Likelihood of successful and timely completion of project — 0 to 20 points

  • Were the products for previous Historic Preservation Fund grants of good quality?
  • List your previous historic preservation projects.
  • How have they been successful?
  • Does the project manager and organization have the demonstrated capability to manage the project as evidenced by resume, organizational experience, and proposal narrative?

5. Quality of budget proposal — 0 to 20 points

  • Does the budget clearly relate to the project design?
  • Did applicant submit two itemized estimates from preservation professionals?

6. Project supports strategic historic preservation goals — 5 points

  • This project provides the local government with online access to the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD).

7. Not a 2014 Historic Preservation Fund subgrant recipient — 5 points


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