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Creating a Marker

Research the Subject:
A thoroughly researched subject will result in a well-documented, comprehensive text. Marker subjects should be approached with the following questions in mind as they relate to the individual marker:

  • Who was associated with the subject? 
    • Include their names, birth and death dates, chronology of the important events in their lives, and their significant contributions.
  • What events occurred at this particular time or place?
  • Of those events, which were the most significant?
  • What groups of people were associated with this event?
  • When did the event occur?
  • What is the subject's time span of significance?
  • How did the historical event develop?
  • What influence did the marker subject or event have on the national, state, or local community?
  • Why is the marker subject important to the community, state, or nation?
  • Why is it special, unusual, or significant?
  • Are all statements of fact and dates documented with footnotes?
  • Avoid words like "first," "oldest," "unique," or, "only" unless there is irrefutable documentation.

Local libraries, local historical societies, and local newspapers are excellent sources for information, as are the Library and the Archives of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Choosing the Marker or Plaque:
Wisconsin historical markers are designed to be easily recognizable as official State of Wisconsin markers and plaques, with the badger, the state symbol of Wisconsin, embossed at the top of the Marker. Official State of Wisconsin markers are made of cast aluminum, have raised cream-colored letters on a brown background and are available in four sizes. To determine which marker is best for you, please refer to information on character counts and pricing in the Historical Markers Price List (PDF, 46 KB)


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