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Is my property eligible for listing in the State Register and National Register?

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State Register and National Register listing recognize properties that physically embody important aspects of local, state, and national history. Eligible properties must retain their essential physical appearance from the period in which they were important and meet one of the four criteria for listing:

  • Be a good local example of an architectural style. To be individually eligible in the area of architecture, a property must retain the majority of its original architectural features and be a good example of the style and period.
  • Be associated with a person important in our past. The property must be the resource most closely related to the person's period and area of importance.
  • Represent an important period, movement or trend in local, state or national history.
  • Have the potential to yield information; these types of properties are primarily archaeological sites.

Submitting a National Register Questionnaire is the first step in nominating a property to the State Register and National Register. After receipt of a Questionnaire, historic preservation staff will review the documentation and provide a staff opinion about a property's eligibility. Return the National Register Questionnaire with current photos of the property to receive an initial evaluation.


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