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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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View of boathouse from the lake (Mead and Hunt photo, 2002)

Boathouse (Mead and Hunt photo, 2002)

Main house (Mead and Hunt photo, 2002)

Living room of main house (Mead and Hunt photo, 2002)

Big Fork Lake, Oneida County
Architect: Fred "Cy" Williams
Date of construction: 1925-1948

Jollywood is a private family retreat located on Big Fork Lake in Oneida County, Wisconsin. The property features a main house, two-story wet boathouse, a sleeping cabin, and a caretakers cabin. At Jollywood, half-log construction, stone fireplaces and walkways convey a Rustic style simplicity that blends this architecturally cohesive complex into its northwoods surroundings. The main house, boathouse, sleeping cabin, and pumphouse were constructed using horizontal half log with lap corners and vertical logs in the gable end. The buildings also feature overhanging eaves with log brackets and exposed rafters, stone chimneys and walkways.

Three Lakes architect Fred "Cy" Williams designed Jollywood's main house and boathouse in 1939 and 1940. Cy graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in architecture, but his first career was as a professional baseball player. His 19-year National League career included 6 years playing for the Chicago Cubs and 13 years for the Philadelphia Phillies. From 1915 through 1927, Williams was one of baseball's most prolific sluggers, earning four home run titles and finishing among the league's top three in home run hitters 11 times. Following his retirement from baseball, Williams returned to his off-season residence near Three Lakes and began designing buildings and residences primarily in Vilas and Oneida counties. Williams is known to have designed and remodeled numerous area homes and many of Three Lakes' commercial buildings.

Jollywood is located on private property. Please respect the privacy and rights of the owners.


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