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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Stebbins House (E. Miller photo, 2004)

Stebbins House (E. Miller photo, 2004)

Stebbins House, interior (E. Miller photo, 2004)

Stebbins, Edward N. and Mary T. (Clapp), House
130 East Division Street, Barron, Barron County
Dates of construction: 1897-1908

The Stebbins House is situated at the northwestern edge of Barron's central business district. It is an early example of the Georgian Revival style in Wisconsin. Edward and Mary Stebbins spent much of their lives on the East Coast, living in New York, Washington, DC, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. As a result, they would have been familiar with the region's architectural past and with newly emerging trends. They arrived in Barron in 1891, where Edward Stebbins established a wood products factory.

The house was completed in 1897. Edward Stebbins died in 1903 and, in 1907, his widow sold the house to John and Lillian Bowen. Around 1908, the Bowens remodeled the porch. At that time either the original porch was extended or was replaced with the existing porch.

The gambrel roofed house rests on a sandstone foundation and is finished with clapboards. Its most dramatic feature is the central entrance pavilion. At its base, broad sidelights with diamond-paned glass flank the centrally placed door. The entrance is accented with a flat-roofed portico, displaying tripled columns, a broad entablature embellished with a cornice, and a balustrade enriched with urns set on paneled posts. Above, the pavilion contains three windows with a lozenge pattern in the upper sashes. The pediment capping the pavilion features a fanlight, fish scale shingles, and raking cornices.

The house is currently (2006) operated as a Bed & Breakfast. Please respect the privacy of the residents.


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