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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Black River Falls Public Library
321 Main Street, Black River Falls, Jackson County
Date of construction: 1914-1915
Architect: Henry L. Ottenheimer

This Black River Falls Public Library is a one-story, Prairie style influenced building accentuated with classical details. Henry L. Ottenheimer, a well-known Chicago architect, designed the building in the early 1910s. Construction began in 1914 with financial assistance provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The building was completed in 1915 and immediately opened as a library.

Since its dedication in 1915, the Black River Falls Public Library has remained an important social and educational center for the citizens of Jackson County. The building stands as an intact example of the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie towards the construction of public library buildings in the early 20th century. Furthermore, the library represents the community's commitment to educational and cultural awareness by serving as a community center and educational institution. Having outgrown its home, the public library moved out of the building in 1995.

Today, the building serves the community as a local history museum for the Jackson County Historical Society. The building is open to the public during scheduled business hours.


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