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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Jensvold House (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Jensvold House, side elevation (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Jensvold House, rear elevation (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Jensvold, Gulbrand and Bertha, House
1033 State Highway 78, Town of Perry, Dane County
Construction Date: c.1868-69

Gulbrand Jensvold was born in Norway in 1841. After graduating with a teaching certificate in Norway, Jensvold emigrated to the United States in 1866. Jensvold, like so many of his countrymen, journeyed to Wisconsin and to southwestern Dane County, finally settling in the predominantly Norwegian settlement that surrounded the fledgling community of Daleyville in the Town of Perry. Jensvold was hired as the teacher of the parochial school associated with the Perry Lutheran Church in Daleyville, whose parish covered sixty square miles. He continued to fill this important position until his death in 1882.

Two years after his arrival in Daleyville, Jensvold married Bertha Gaarder, who had also emigrated from Norway, and in November of 1868, the couple purchased an eighty-acre farm located just across the road from the Perry Lutheran Church. The house they built, although not especially large, was one of the finest in the entire Town at that time. This eight-room house has a limestone main block with a symmetrical north-facing fašade whose most notable feature is a steeply pitched centered gable containing a tall second story window. Steeply pitched center gables of this type are found on many Gothic Revival style houses and its presence here suggests that the designer and builder of the Jensvold house may have been from the nearby city of Mineral Point, which has several similar stone houses.

Please note that this house is private property and is not open to the public. Please respect the privacy of the owners.


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