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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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The Everett Resort - Marina Bar (Mead & Hunt photo, 2007)

The Everett Resort - Sun Parlor (Mead & Hunt photo, 2007)

The Everett Resort - Fishing Guides' Lodge (Mead & Hunt photo, 2007)

The Everett Resort - Boathouse (Mead & Hunt photo, 2007)

The Everett Resort
1269 Everett Road, Town of Washington, Vilas County
Date of Construction: c.1896 - c.1930
Builder: Louis Zimpelmann

The Everett Resort is located on the Everett peninsula, between Catfish and Cranberry lakes on the Eagle River chain of lakes in the heart of the Wisconsin's North Woods. During its peak, it was one of the largest and grandest American Plan resorts in the Eagle River area. Fred Morey established the resort in the 1890s; ownership transferred to Edward A. and Helen Everett in 1897. The resort operated as an American Plan resort, providing lodging, meals, entertainment, recreational activities and other amenities for its guests.

The Main Building, constructed c.1896, was the physical and social center of activity at the resort and by the 1920s-1930s, provided dining for up to three hundred guests each day. In addition to the Main Building/Dining Room, the resort property includes the Sun Room/Office, Marina Bar, Clubhouse, Columbine and Gables Cottages, boathouse and former staff quarters and support buildings, such as the Linen Room, Boat Garage, constructed in the early twentieth century. Individual cottages were constructed along the shorelines of both Catfish and Cranberry lakes for guests. The resort's Rustic and Craftsman style buildings are built with log, wood and stone, reflecting a strong relationship with their natural surroundings.

The buildings of the Everett Resort have been visual landmarks on the lake for generations of Eagle River residents and vacationers. The Everett Resort stands as a reminder of an American Plan Resort and this grand era of vacationing in Wisconsin's North Woods. In 1951 the Everett Resort was divided and sold. The main resort buildings and a few cottages remained as one parcel, while the majority of the guest cottages were sold to private owners. Today, the Everett Resort no longer operates as a full American Plan resort, but a few cottages are available for rental.

These buildings are privately owned and are not open to the public. Please respect the privacy of their owners.


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