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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Job Mills Block (T. Heggland photo, 2006)

Job Mills Block detail (T.Heggland photo, 2006)

Job Mills Block
109-111 S. Main Street, Lodi, Columbia County
Construction Date: 1895, 1901

The Job Mills Block is a commercial building whose main fašade displays elements of the Richardsonian Romanesque Revival style in its use of brick and stone and in the heavy stone arch that crowns the entrance to its second story. Job Mills (1840-1913) immigrated to the United States from England in 1842. By the time he built his new building in Lodi's downtown he was a very successful area farmer and something of an agricultural entrepreneur who also dealt in the buying and selling of grain and in the production of cheese.

Although nothing is known about the persons who designed and built Mill's new commercial block, the design could have been produced by any competent mason or architect of the period. Most of the Mills Block's features could be found on any similar sized commercial buildings of the time, such as a main fašade whose first story is composed almost entirely of one or more mostly glass storefronts (two in this case), upper stories that feature multiple window openings, and an elaborately decorated brick cornice. Buildings like this were important for two reasons: they were typically second generation commercial buildings that were usually larger than the buildings they replaced, and they were almost always built of brick or stone and were therefore more fireproof than the earler, mostly wooden buildings.

The building is private property. Please respect the rights and privacy of the occupants.


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