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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Robertson House (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Robertson House (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Robertson House, side elevation (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

Robertson House, interior (T. Heggland photo, 2007)

John A. and Martha Robertson House
456 Seminary Street, Lodi, Columbia County
Architect: Frank L. Lindsay
Construction Date: 1897

The Queen Anne style John A. and Martha Robertson house sits on a double corner lot near the top of a hill in one of Lodi's principal historic residential neighborhoods. Frank L. Lindsay, an architect who was then practicing in the Columbia County seat of Portage, designed the house and it was constructed in 1897. The house is a fine example of the larger Queen Anne style residential designs favored by members of Wisconsin's upper middle class in the 1890s.

John A. Robertson (1854-1940) was the second oldest son of David Robertson, Sr. David Robertson emigrated to this country from Scotland in 1842. He settled in the Town of Vienna in northwest Dane County, Wisconsin, and by hard work succeeded in becoming one of the largest landowners in southern Wisconsin and one of its wealthiest citizens by the time of his death in 1895. John Robertson inherited a substantial sum when his father died. Two years after his father's death, John Robertson moved to Lodi and began the construction of a new house on Seminary Street for his growing family. This house has all the typical features of a Queen Anne style house of its time such as an irregular plan, cutaway bay windows, and three different porches, the most elaborate of which have roofs that are supported by cast iron columns. In addition, the house has a fine, largely original, and quite intact interior.

The Robertson House is a private home; please respect the rights and privacy of the residents.


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