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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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443 Roosevelt Avenue (E. Wheeler photo, 2008)

419 Roosevelt Avenue (E. Wheeler photo, 2008)

455 Roosevelt Avenue (E. Wheeler photo, 2008)

415 Roosevelt Avenue (E. Wheeler photo, 2008)

Roosevelt Avenue Historic District
415-455 Roosevelt Avenue, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County
Dates of construction of contributing buildings: 1929-1941

The Roosevelt Avenue Historic District is a small but highly concentrated group of five high-style period revival homes, with several fine examples of both the Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival styles. The concentration of styles and similar dates of construction from the late 1920s through 1941 lends a cohesive feel to the district that sets it apart from other more stylistically eclectic areas of the neighboring Third Ward.

The Roosevelt Avenue Historic District is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the City of Eau Claire. The homes are arrayed along a gentle curve of Roosevelt Avenue and are set back from the street to provide a maximum of privacy. The irregular sized lots are well wooded, attractively landscaped, and vary in size from one-half to one acre. All but one of the parcels in the Roosevelt Avenue Historic District is bounded on the south by Little Niagara Creek, a small tributary of the Chippewa River which runs through Putnam Park. The proximity to the creek and park not only provides privacy, but adds a large buffer of natural open space to the rear of the residences.

The houses in the district are associated with several of the professional and industrial leaders of Eau Claire at the time when the city emerged as the leading commercial and cultural center of western Wisconsin. Of particular significance are the 1929 Colonial Revival Dr. Nels Werner House at 443 Roosevelt Ave and the French influenced 1937 Tudor Revival Owen Ayres House at 415 Roosevelt Avenue. Noted local architect Edward J Hancock (1889-1930) is associated with three of the residences in the district built in 1929.

The homes in the neighborhood are private residences. Please respect the rights and privacy of the residents.


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