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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Sutliff House (Ruth Sproull photo, 2008)

Sutliff House (Ruth Sproull photo, 2008)

Sutliff House garage (Ruth Sproull photo, 2008)

Sutliff, Solon and Mathilda, House
306 Dahl Street, Rhinelander, Oneida County
Architect: Hans T. Liebert
Date of construction: 1923

Solon and Mathilda Sutliff were among the business elite of the City of Rhinelander in the early 20th Century. Solon Sutliff was born in Newaygo, Michigan. He came to Oneida County in northern Wisconsin during the boom years of the lumbering industry and established the Rhinelander Lumber and Coal Company, which eventually was renamed as the Sutliff Lumber and Supply Company. By 1923, when Solon and Mathilda Sutliff constructed their house, the logging "boom days" were over, but Rhinelander continued to grow through the wood products sector and paper-making. Solon Sutliff's fortunes were realized in the context of this industry.

The couple commissioned H.T. Liebert in 1923 to design what is an unusual style of home in the State of Wisconsin: the Italian Renaissance variant of the Mediterranean Revival. The architect was brother to, and most likely working with, Eugene Liebert, in Milwaukee at the time. The house displays the smooth wall surfaces, the hipped red tile roof, and the exposed decorative rafter ends that are associated with the Mediterranean inspired style.

The Sutliff House was owned by the family until the mid-1960's. The current owner (2009) is only the third and has lovingly preserved and restored the interior and exterior of the house, only making minor updates for modern living. This house is remarkable because of its unusual architectural style in the state as well as the message it surely was meant to convey about its owners.

The house is a private residence. Please respect the rights and privacy of the owners.


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