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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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23rd and 24th Streets Historic District
Generally bounded by Campbell Road, Losey Boulevard North, Main Street, Vine Street and 23rd Street, La Crosse, La Crosse County
Dates of construction of contributing buildings: 1915-1952

The 23rd and 24th Streets Historic District was developed as a middle-class residential neighborhood with houses constructed primarily by two local builders. After a brief spurt of development prior to 1929, building in the district slowed, then occurred in fits and starts through the Depression years. The development of this neighborhood is a fascinating look at how economic conditions determined the rate of development of the district, and provides an interesting record of the families that were able to buy or rent houses in this area during very poor economic times.

The majority of the houses are representative examples of 20th century contractor-builder Period Revival style houses. The houses have been called homes for the "average" or "common" man. But, their owners were not of the working classes. The houses were built specifically for the middle-class with architectural features that were similar to larger houses being built by wealthier families, but on a smaller and less decorative scale. The middle-class, at that time, was not "average" or "common," but a smaller group between the working-class and the wealthy upper class. In looking at the entire architectural fabric of La Crosse, it is clear that these houses are not "common" at all, but are architecturally distinctive as a group.

The houses in the district are private residences. Please respect the rights and privacy of the residents.


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