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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Pulaski Park Pavilion (Mead and Hunt photo, 2009)

Jackson Park Bridge (Mead and Hunt photo, 2009)

Jackson Park Community Center (Mead and Hunt photo, 2009)

Jackson Park Comfort Station (Mead and Hunt photo, 2009)

Kinnickinnic River Parkway
Located between South 72nd Street and South 16th Street, Milwaukee and West Allis, Milwaukee County>BR> Designer: Alfred Boerner

The Kinnickinnic River Parkway Historic District is located in Milwaukee with a small portion located in the neighboring community of West Allis in Milwaukee County. As part of the Milwaukee County Parkway System, it follows the Kinnickinnic River and connects Jackson Park and Pulaski Park. Charles B. Whitnall included the Kinnickinnic River Parkway in his 1923 study of a county-wide parkway system, which was conceived to promote the sanitary, health, and aesthetic benefits of urban parklands. Alfred Boerner, a Milwaukee County landscape architect and Wisconsin native, was instrumental in developing the plans for the parkway system, including the Kinnickinnic River Parkway. Although land acquisition for the Parkway began in 1926, it was not implemented until 1934 when federal work relief efforts made development possible. Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor was responsible for creek relocation and erosion control, road grading, bridge and road construction, and landscaping.

The Kinnickinnic River Parkway remains historically intact and conveys the original design intentions as a parkway component within the county-wide system. It is a strong example of parkway design, and continues to reflect the themes of community planning and development, federal work relief programs, and landscape architecture in the early twentieth century Milwaukee County Parkway System.


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