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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Yorkville #4 School (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Yorkville #4 School interior (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Yorkville #4 School interior (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Yorkville #4 School (Julie Moyer photo, 2010)

Yorkville #4 School
17640 Old Yorkville Road, Town of Yorkville, Racine County
Date of Construction: 1885

From the mid-1800s to the late 1950s, the one-room school house represented rural education in Wisconsin. In 1839, Wisconsin law stated that where there were at least ten families in an area that number constituted a school district. Revenues raised through taxation provided a school building and a teacher.

The first Yorkville #4 School was built on this site in 1845. In May 1885, the school burned to the ground. A new one-room school was quickly built on the same site. This time it was clad in cream colored brick. Italianate paired brackets support the eaves. Arched windows with raised brick window hoods and an ornate oversized bell cupola added architectural interest to this simple school house.

In 1938, a WPA project added modern amenities to the building. A basement placed under the original school provided indoor plumbing and a space for a furnace. An enclosed vestibule replaced the original front porch.

The building remained in use as a school until 1959 when it closed due to school consolidation. The Yorkville 4-H club purchased the building in 1966. They renamed the building "Clover Center" and continue to use the former school as their club house.


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