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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Tufts House (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Tufts House (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Tufts House interior (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Tufts House shed (Patricia Lacey photo, 2010)

Tufts, William B. and Jennie, House
321 East 4th Street, Neillsville, Clark County
Date of Construction: 1934

The William B. and Jennie Tufts House is an excellent example of the spread and application of Spanish inspired styles outside of the west and southwest. The earlier Mission Revival style borrowed elements from the Hispanic heritage of California. The later Spanish Colonial Revival style was based upon the various forms of architecture from the Spanish colonization of the Americas, as well as historic and nostalgic designs from Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean. The style was popular in domestic architecture across the country from 1915 to 1940, although examples are relatively rare in Wisconsin. Elements of the style are demonstrated in the Tufts House through the stuccoed white walls, the red tile roof, and the recessed arcaded porches.

William and Jennie Tufts constructed their house in the space of years between the two world wars. Lt. Colonial William B. Tufts served in both. It is unknown as to when and where the Tufts were influenced by this style. In addition to the house, the larger Tufts property reflected the influence of the style, displaying an arcaded shed and now no longer extant decorative fountain and rounded arch rear gate. Elements of Spanish design are carried through to the interior, displaying twisted columns and decorative iron work.

The Tufts house is a private residence. Please respect the owner's rights and privacy.


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