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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Main elevation (1980 photo)

After restoration (J. Draeger photo)

Side elevation (1980 photo)

200 South North, Argyle, Lafayette County
Architect: Alanson Partridge
Date of Construction: 1878/1881

Alanson Patridge, a carpenter from New York, constructed the first part of this simple wood frame building as a carpenter's shop in 1878. Three years later, a second floor addition created a large hall for public and private useand the building became Argyle's community center. Partridge rented the private hall for a variety of purposes, including meetings, dances and dinners. The hall eventually became as important to Partridge¿s income as his carpentry business. Events at the hall were advertised by sending "barkers" into the street to sell tickets. A typical ticket might pay for the play, dinner and a dance, as well as lodging for the family horse in the blacksmith's stable across the street.

In 1908, Partridge sold the hall, which had been enlarged with another wing, to the local chapter for the Modern Woodmen of America, a fraternal organization. The Woodmen continued to lease the hall for social functions, in addition to using it for their own activities. In 1920 the hall took on the name of the "Star Theatre" and for another two decades showcased motion picture movies, six and seven reel silents, and "talkies."

The theater is privately owned and open during normal business hours.


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