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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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1029 Seminole Hwy. (T. Heggland photo)

801 Miami Pass (T. Heggland photo)

701 Seneca Tr. (T. Heggland photo)

1129 Waban Hill (T. Heggland photo)

Nakoma Historic District
Boundary begins at Illinois Central Railroad track and Odana Road to point of intersection with Nakoma Road
Madison, Dane County
Dates of contributing buildings: 1915-1946

Madison grew rapidly in the early 20th century, due to expansion of the university and growth of state government as a result of progressive reforms. Suburban neighborhoods such as University Heights and Wingra Park were among the first suburbs developed, serviced by streetcar lines carrying commuters to the city's commercial center.

Nakoma Historic District, an area previously given over to agricultural pursuits, saw its development coincide with the growth of the automobile. An important selling point was its superb view of Lake Wingra and of the surrounding countryside. This locality also appealed to families with school age children because of an existing rural school house, which was quickly replaced in 1917 with a new school building designed by architect and neighborhood resident Alvan E. Small. (This building was replaced in 1971 by the current Thoreau Elementary School.) The prestige of the district was enhanced with the establishment of the Nakoma Country Club. This "country club suburb" status was upheld through restrictions imposed by the Nakoma Homes Company.

Nakoma is one of Madison's most architecturally distinguished neighborhoods. It contains some of the city's finest Period Revival residences. The various designs include Colonial and Tudor Revival, Prairie School, Craftsman Bungalow, and Modern. Three hundred and twenty one Colonial Revival style residences reinforce the architectural unity of the neighborhood. Examples occur in every part of the district, many of which were designed by the best local architects of the time. This district is one of Madison's finest and most successful suburbs.

The homes in this district are private residences. Please respect the rights of the owners.


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