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Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places

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Duey and Julia Wright House (MJ Hettinga photo, 1997)

Duey and Julia Wright House (MJ Hettinga photo)

Duey and Julia Wright House interior (MJ Hettinga photo, 1998)

Duey and Julia Wright House interior (MJ Hettinga photo)

Duey and Julia Wright House
904 Grand Avenue, Wausau, Marathon County
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Date of Construction:1958

Perched on a bluff top overlooking the Wisconsin River, the Duey Wright House is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's last Usonian residences. Built for Duey and Julia Wright (not related to the architect) who owned a local music store and music school, the home's unusual L-shaped footprint has been suggested to represent a quarter note in honor of the musical couple. Moreover, a repeated geometric design found throughout the home in perforated plywood panels suggests musical notation. Wright used these panels in the exterior windows and as screens between rooms.

The unadorned concrete block walls combine with the wide overhanging eaves to create a low horizontal look to the home. The longest wing, which runs east to west, is principally used for bedrooms, with the carport on the east end and the library on the west end. The two wings are joined on the west end by a large concrete block chimney, which allows for a library fireplace, and another in the living room. The circular living room contains a continuous band of windows allowing for a panoramic view of the Wisconsin River to the southwest, and Rib Mountain in the distance.

The building is privately owned; please respect the privacy rights of its owners.


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