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Getting Started

One of the first steps in developing a cultural resource element for any plan is to check existing records to see what historic buildings or prehistoric sites have already been identified and possibly evaluated. One of the best places to start is the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Division has over 120,000 building records in its Architecture/History Inventory (AHI) and 30,000 sites in its Archeological Sites Inventory (ASI). 

The written data from the building records included in the AHI are now available for review online, so if you are reading this you can check the AHI. 

In the near future, the archaeological records in the ASI will be available for review online. In the meantime, contact John Broihahn about checking the ASI in person.

In 2001, the Division reorganized the Archaeological Sites Inventory (ASI), Architectural History Inventory (AHI), and the Bibliography of Archaeological Reports (BAR) into WHPD, a more comprehensive and user-friendly application. WHPD is a Web-based application, which allows users to search the most up-to-date versions of these database inventories.

The Division is prepared to assist communities to a limited extent in analyzing the data we have. If you would like additional information about historic and prehistoric resources in your community's planning area, please contact Rick Bernstein.

Other sources of information that should also be checked include:


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