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The Wisconsin Historical Society's Smart Growth Initiative

Wisconsin's Smart Growth legislation requires all local governments that make land-use decisions to have a comprehensive plan by January 1, 2010. Smart Growth creates a nine-element definition of a comprehensive plan that requires each community to address: issues and opportunities; housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; agricultural, natural and cultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; land use and implementation.

Because of the unique opportunity this new law presents, the Wisconsin Historical Society has developed a Smart Growth Initiative. As part of the Society's Wisconsin Historic Preservation Plan for 2006-2015 (PDF, 1 MB) the Division of Historic Preservation is committed to accomplishing the following:

Assist Wisconsin communities in integrating cultural resources into their required comprehensive community-planning efforts by

  • Encouraging effective historic preservation planning;
  • Providing historic, architectural and archeological data to local and regional planners in a user friendly fashion;
  • Emphasizing the importance of cultural resource planning through informational materials;
  • Supporting efforts to identify and inventory additional historic and archeological resources.


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