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Supplementary Manual for Nominations to State and National Register of Historic Places

Special Requirements

Sketch Maps

Nominations of districts and properties containing a number of sites, structures or buildings must include sketch maps of the nominated area. Plat books, insurance maps, city planning maps, and hand drawn maps may be used.

  • Each map should include the information listed on the continuation sheet header, a north arrow, and a scale if available. If a scale is not available, note "not to scale" on the map. In all cases, the sketch map should be drawn to a relative scale and should realistically show the relationship of the site features, buildings, etc.
  • Contributing and non-contributing resources should be identified.
  • Submitted photographic views should be keyed to the map.
  • Maps should be 8 1/2" x 11" in size, when possible, and suitable for black and white duplication. Long, linear districts may be represented over several sheets.
  • Addresses on district maps must be clearly legible and all street names should be visible. Accuracy in district maps is of utmost importance because these maps are used for reference over a long period of time.
  • Maps should read in two directions only. The reader should only have to turn the map 90 degrees once to read all the lettering.
  • Include the date the map represents.
  • It is appropriate, but not essential, that north be located at the top of the map.

Building Inventory

A building inventory must be provided in all nominations having more than a few buildings. The inventory should be placed at the end of Section 7. The list should be alphabetical order, determined by the street name in each building's address. Individual properties must list the following information:

  1. Address of property
  2. Historic name, if known
  3. Date or circa date of construction or substantial remodeling
  4. Contributing or non-contributing status

The inventory should be organized in the following format:

Address Historic Name Date Class
840 Shawano Ave. Harry Fisk House 1890 C

Database Updates (WHPD and AHI)

All district nominations require an update to the electronic inventory, with images for each resource being nominated. Records are required for both contributing and non-contributing resources.

Access the electronic inventory databases online:

If you need assistance with the update, contact Joe DeRose by email or phone at 608-264-6512.

Sketch Plan

All nominations with buildings and structures are recommended to have a floor plan for each significant floor or level of the building or structure. The floor plans are not required to be of precise scale, but should realistically show the relationship of walls, stairs, doors, windows, and porches. The plan should contain a scale (if applicable), a north arrow, and a reference to the street façade (if applicable). Submitted images should be keyed to the floor plans.

Historic Photos

When available, copies of historic images should be included with the nomination as an attachment. Label all attachment pages with the name of the resource, and its county and state. Quality photocopies are acceptable. If the images are not actual reprints of historic photographs, do not include them in the photo list or the photo count.

Embedded Images

The National Register nomination form file should not contain embedded images. Special illustrations should be submitted as attachments.

Summary Statement for the Society Website

A 200-300 word summary should be written for possible inclusion on the Society’s website. These summaries are written for the general public and should be engaging and fun to read.

The summary should relate the history of the entry. It should discuss both the physical appearance and the significance of the property. Historical context can add local flavor and place the resource in its historical setting. Avoid using National Register jargon or overly academic terminology.

Entries for large districts, complex or exceptionally significant properties may be longer in length.

Many entries have been posted on the Society's website. Examples can be found by viewing stories in the Wisconsin History Explorer.

Mailing Labels

Three sets of property owner mailing labels should be submitted for all historic district nominations.

Prints and Photographs

Submit two sets of prints, either 8"x10" or 5"x7" in size, including representative views of both contributing and noncontributing resources. Image files should be generated with a digital SLR camera and prints should be commercially printed. Prints should be labeled on back with a pencil. (A soft 5B pencil works well.) The digital image disk and prints must comply with the guidelines set forth by the National Park Service in the National Register Photographic Imaging Policy.

Image Files for Inventory Record

Submit a disk containing the individual image files from the nomination and the PowerPoint for upload to the AHI record. Image files should be in JPG format at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI and a minimum width of 2000 pixels on the longest side. This should result in a file size of around 7 MB. The individual image files should be labeled with the AHI number and descriptive detail (if necessary). It is not necessary to submit image files of historic photographs or of supplementary information (such as homeowner or architect portraits) used in the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation

The presentation should be compressed and submitted on a CD with the nomination packet. This will be used for the presentation of the property to the State Historic Preservation Review Board.

National Register Nomination Checklist

Prior to submitting the nomination, review its content by filling out the National Register Nomination Checklist (PDF, 90 KB).


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