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Just for Fun

View these Society's interactive resources that make learning fun!

  • The Sinking of the Lucerne
    Help underwater archaeologists solve the mystery of the "Case of the Lost Lucerne."
  • The Mammoth Mystery
    Discover how archaeologists uncovered events that happened thousands of years ago in what is now Kenosha County.
  • Paper Dolls
    See two how two kids from Wisconsin, from Rascal and Caddie Woodlawn , two great books about the lives of kids in Wisconsin long ago.
  • Today's Odd Wisconsin

    Mrs. Lincoln Grieves in Waukesha
    "I am trying as you will perceive, to make the most of this fearfully wearisome summer. . . I live in a retired manner in a private house on the outskirts of the town where there are no other boarders and have all the advantages of the country. . . . I am so miserable over my great sorrows, that...
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