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About 12,000 years ago
While the last glaciers melt, Paleo-Indians live in Wisconsin. The Paleo-Indians live mainly by hunting. They hunt huge beasts, such as mastodons and mammoths. These animals are now extinct.

Illustration of Mammoth by: Phoebe Hefko.

About 8,000 years ago
Archaic Indians live in Wisconsin. They hunt small animals like deer and gather nuts and berries, mine copper, and make tools jewelry and weapons.

The Archaic Indians hunt smaller animals like deer, beaver, and birds.
Illustration by: Phoebe Hefko.

About 2000 years ago
Woodland Indians inhabit Wisconsin. They bury their dead in mounds of various shapes including animal or effigy mounds.

This bear effigy is near Lake Koshkonong. WHi(X3)15261.

1000 A.D.
Oneota Indians establish villages around Green Bay, Lake Winnebago, Lake Koshkonong, and La Crosse.

Mississippian Indians abandon their community at Aztalan.

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