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The Peshtigo fire results in more than a thousand deaths.

Illustration from Harper's Weekly, November 25, 1871 of
the Peshtigo River on fire. WHi(X3)96.

Wisconsin Dairyman's Association is founded in Watertown.

The Ringling Brothers give their first circus performance in Baraboo.

The first recognized observance of "Flag Birth Day" takes place on June 14. Thirty-one years later, June 14 becomes an "official" holiday.

The Bennett Law, requiring classroom instruction in English, passes. Many immigrant families are upset.

Following intense disagreement by German Protestants and Catholics, the Bennett Law is overturned.

The lumber boom peaks in northern Wisconsin, with 3.4 billion board feet harvested in one year.

Sawmill in Emerson, Wisconsin.

A famous log jam is fifteen miles long,
with logs piled thirty feet high.
Interstate Park in Polk County becomes the first state park in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's population reaches 2,069,042; U.S. Census Bureau reports that seven of ten Wisconsin residents were born in a foreign country or had parents born abroad.

Peak years of settlement in the northern Cutover region.

Robert M. LaFollette, Sr. begins the first of his two terms as governor.

Robert M. LaFollette, Sr. WHi(X3)3088.

On June 23, Wausau native John Schwister, becomes a pioneer of Wisconsin aviation by flying the state's first home-built airplane.


Carrie Chapman Catt, born in 1859 in Ripon, leads the national movement to gain women the right to vote. After the passage of the nineteenth amendment in 1920, she founds and serves as the first president of the League of Women Voters.

A suffragist campaigning for equality in 1912. WHi(X3)20963

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