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Holdings of UW-Parkside

Area Research Center

Census Records

Few sources match census records for specific information on a family or household. Our collection consists of over 1000 reels of federal, state and territorial censuses and indexes for Wisconsin including these dates: 1820, 1830, 1836, 1838 (no index), 1840, 1842 (no index), 1846 (no index), 1847 (no index), 1850, 1855 (no index), 1860, 1870, 1875 (no index), 1880, 1885 (no index), 1895 (no index), 1900, 1905, 1910 (no index), and 1920. In addition, the census reels, for some years, contain mortality, agricultural, industrial, and social statistics.

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Maps and Atlases

Community growth can be documented through maps showing historic and geographic information such as ownership, voting wards, church and school locations. Early plat books are miniature histories with statistical and biographical information. The Center's maps. plat books, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps and atlases of Kenosha and Racine counties date from the mid-1800's to the present.

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Vital Statistics

Records such as birth, death and marriage registrations document major life events. Microfilm copies of these registrations for Kenosha and Racine counties from 1852-1907 are available from the Center. In addition, a statewide name index to the registrations is available for searching.

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City Directories

City directories assist in locating people in place and time and document changes in social and business life. As Kenosha and Racine grew, the late 19th and early 20th century directories became more inclusive containing special sections for business, education, social and fraternal organizations, churches and farm listings. Directories for the City of Racine are available for 1850, 1858-59, and 1882 to the present. City of Kenosha directories are available for 1858 and 1904 to the present.

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Local and County Histories

Histories of communities including Bristol, Kenosha, Norway, Paris, Racine, Somers, Sylvania and Wheatland are outlined in a variety of publications dating from 1879 to the present.

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Citizenship Records

Citizenship records are useful in finding the name, address, occupation, port of entry, marital status, place of birth and other personal information on immigrants. Naturalization, the process of becoming a citizen, was administered by Wisconsin circuit and superior courts. Studied collectively, these documents reveal patterns of migration to Kenosha and Racine. Naturalization records are available at the Center on individuals who became citizens through Kenosha and Racine courts between 1837-1983.

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Local Government Records

More than 200 series of local government public records are housed at the Center. Included are county, city and township tax rolls dating from 1849, meeting minutes, court files (including civil, criminal and probate) city council, county board and board of education proceedings from 1875-1985.

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Local Newspapers

Nearly 50 area newspapers, circa 1853 to 1959 are located in the UW-Parkside Library/Learning Center. The collection, on microfilm, includes Danish, German, and Bohemian language papers.

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Local Manuscripts

The manuscript collections contain personal papers and other documents of individuals and families, churches, schools and colleges, associations, clubs, unions, and businesses from surrounding communities. Among them are papers of Racine historian Eugene Leach, archives of the College of Racine, records of 15 labor organizations, business records of Albert and Flora Ellinger, records of the Kenosha and Racine Chambers of Commerce, and an impressive collection of political papers from local and state politicians. These collections are described in the Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Area Research Center and are electronically cataloged in ArCat, the catalog of the Archives Division of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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"How To" Books in Genealogy

Available for check-out are various general and specialized genealogy handbooks (e.g. African-American, British, Czechoslovakian, German, Irish, Polish, Jewish, and other ancestries). Also available are guides to other libraries such as the Newberry Library, the National Archives, Minnesota Historical Society, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.
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