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Electronic Records Program 1994-1995 Report

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Appendix 1: Series Reappraised by the Electronic Records Program Staff

One goal of the first year was to "establish a minimum level of management for data in the State Archives' possession." Program staff identified eleven records series on 58 reels of nine track magnetic tape. These tapes were transferred to the State Archives between 1983 and 1985. Each series was reappraised and some of the data migrated to new media. The following table lists the records series name and dates, dates that the records series existed, the number of tapes, whether the series was still being maintained by the state agency, whether the series was retained by the State Archives, and whether technical documentation existed for the data stored in the State Archives.

Series and dates held by SHSW Dates of series existence No. of tapes Series exists at agency as of 6/1/95 Retained by Society as of 6/1/95 Technical documentation
Governor's Commission on the Status of Women
Survey data, 1977-79 1977-79 1 No Yes Yes
Department of Public Instruction
Ethnic data master file, 1974-75 1974-ongoing 1 No No Yes
Non-public schools enrollment, 1974-75 1965-ongoing   No No Yes
Public schools enrollment, 1974-75 1962-ongoing   No No Yes
Needs assessment survey, 1978-79 1974?-ongoing 1 No No Yes
Teacher and employment master file, 1970-71 1963-ongoing   No No Yes
Department of Revenue
Individual income tax sample, 1963-66   1 No No No
Fielded Sales Analysis System Master File (FSAS), 1975-77 1974-ongoing 3 No No No
Sales Analysis System Master File (SAS), 1977-78 1969-ongoing 3 No No No
State Assessment of Manufacturing Property Master File (SAM),1975-77 1974-ongoing 9 No No No
Tax model elements, 1974   33 No No No
Tapes of unknown origin
L dentistry files   1 n/a No No
Scratch tapes   3 n/a No No
Tax backup   2 n/a No No

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