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Electronic Records Program 1994-1995 Report

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Appendix 3

Program staff have developed a draft transmittal form for state agencies to submit electronic records to the State Archives. This draft transmittal form will be tested throughout the second year of the program and modified. Questions or comments about this form are welcome.

This web page is not an active form.

Electronic Records Transmittal Form

SHSW Use Only
Accession No.
Date received

If you have any questions regarding completing the form, feel free to contact an electronic records archivist at the State Archives (264-6451 or 264-6447).

The folowing information is required of all electronic records submitted. If the appropriate documentation does not accompany the records, they will be returned or deleted.

Original format of the files (SQL, ASCII text, ANSI, etc.) ___________________________

Present format of files (SQL, ASCII text, ANSI, etc.) _______________________________

Number of files ____ Number of logical records (if applicable) __________________________

Size of files in mbytes _______

File directory printout (attach to transmittal form)

Summary of funtions of the records (attach to transmittal form)

Attach RDA to transmittal form

Contact an electronic records archivist regarding the necessity to submit the following information:

  • Any forms (electronic or paper) used in gathering information for the electronic records
  • Any outputs (electronic or paper) used in the system
  • Information on directory structures and other relationships between files
    • ie. Links of relational databases, associated files, merge files, etc.
  • Other metadata such as data dictionaries and system development documents


An electronic records archivist should be contacted to discuss the medium upon which the record is transferred.

The State Archives is not able to accept the following formats:

  • DAT
  • proprietary optical systems
  • obsolete formats

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