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Electronic Records Program 1994-1995 Report

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Appendix 5

Electronic Records Program and Advisory Group Planning Issues

The following is a list of suggested issues that the program should address in the next 12-18 months.

Collection Management

The State Historical Society currently has the resources to take custody of a small amount of simple electronic records. Is this sufficient to meet our mandate? What resources will be required to preserve and make accessible public electronic records of historical value? Should program staff identify the alternatives for long term preservation and let the Advisory Group identify the best alternatives?

Electronic Mail

Is E-mail a public record? Should the program take the lead and propose a working group to define public record status, suggest statutory changes (if needed), develop an administrative rule that defines record keeping requirements, and submit it to the Public Records Board and the Department of Administration for official approval?

Record keeping

Is there a clear understanding of the definition of Public Record and its application to electronic records? Is there a need to clarify record keeping requirements? If so, should the advisory group or program staff develop and approve a document that attempts to clarify record keeping requirements?


What role should the State Archives play in setting standards for preservation of electronic records? The mandate of the program states that the State Historical Society will develop guidelines for preserving public records of historical value. Should the program identify existing standards, procedures, and policies that apply to preservation of electronic public records, propose changes, and submit them to the Public Records Board and the Department of Administration for official approval?

Longer Term Issues (18-24 months)

Should the State Archives have a role in the development of a Statewide Government Information Locator Service?

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