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Electronic Records Program 1994-1995 Report

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Work plan for 1995/1996


  • Aid state agencies in the management of electronic records,
  • Aid state agencies in scheduling electronic record series,
  • Prepare a minimum of five issue papers on electronic records issues and distribute them widely,
  • Meet with the Electronic Records Program Advisory Group quarterly and with special committees on a regular basis,
  • Follow up on Advisory Group recommendations, and
  • Publicize electronic records holdings.

Data Administration


  • Work to expand Archives staff knowledge of information technology systems which are being created by the state and
    • Develop a system and guidelines for managing electronic information in the State Archives' possession, including:
    • completion of accession and preservation guidelines
    • development of procedures to access historical electronic records


  • Work with the Department of Administration on statewide information management policy issues,
  • Begin documenting standard data administration practices in state agencies, and
  • Work with the Advisory Group to develop a draft electronic information management plan.


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